Beauty Independent Feature

Carina Chazanas @ 2017-11-01 10:35:40 -0700

We just received an amazing write up from the fantastic Beauty Independent web site, which is in perfect alignment with what we believe in here at Dedcool.

Read the full feature here and review the highlights below -

Beauty Independent: Dedcool is really that cool!

Beauty Independent - Dedcool really is that cool

Dedcool is really that cool (so says Riley Rose & Neiman Marcus)

Most people have mementoes from their teenage years they recall with a mixture of nostalgia and embarrassment. For Carina Chazanas, that memento is her first fragrance business.

“When I was 16, I did a brand called Carina Chaz. It was cutesy and girly. I made something that was totally not myself,” she says. “I learned that I had to be really passionate about what I was doing. If you don’t really have your heart in it, then it’s not going to go far.”

Seven years later, a more secure Chazanas is winning over retailers with her second brand DedCool, a unisex antidote to cutesy that’s a DGAF addition the perfume segment with its barcode-lined, stripped-down bottles and clean beauty creed. It’s in the debut assortment of Forever 21’s beauty offshoot Riley Rose, and has entered Neiman Marcus, Urban Outfitters, American Rag Cie and Ron Robinson.

Dedcool is really that cool (so says Riley Rose & Neiman Marcus)

“When I was at the headquarters of Riley Rose, a woman there said to me, ‘Your brand is the next big fragrance brand for millennials.’ I think the store will be an amazing platform for me to express my vision,” says Chazanas. “Even though I do have customers of every age, with the current way of doing business which is focused on Instagram and social media, the brand really speaks to millennials.”