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Colour Chronicle Interview

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Check out our exclusive interview we did earlier this year with Colour Chronicle, highlighting the birth of Dedcool and many inspirations along the way.

Dedcool - Colour Chronicle interview

Take a look at the full interview and photo shoot here, or read the highlights below -

Colour Chronicle Interview 

Dedcool - Colour Chronicle interview

What inspired you to make products that are vegan and cruelty free? What are some of your favorite ingredients you use? 

I was inspired to create Vegan and cruelty free products because of the harms and toxins in most name brand fragrances and products. I am totally against animal testing and will never buy a product that follows those values. Most people are unaware of the brands they are buying/using that harm poor innocent animals.. I like to educate my consumer and people around me. 

Dedcool - Colour Chronicle interview

Who are some eco-friendly and wellness conscious brands in your industry that you admire?

I am a big fan of LaNatura, not only because the creator of the brand birthed me but every product is made with the best ingredients and if it wasn’t for the LaNatura brand, I wouldn’t be where I am today. 

Your 3 keys tips for negotiating a deal:

Believe in what you are selling. Always make a deal. Be confident.

The illustrations of bar codes and sculls on your products are seriously cool. Can you take us through the steps of your product development and branding?

The bar codes represent simplicity and the branding goes back to the whole idea of being uni-sex. The code is universal and can appeal to all types of people. I am always drawn to minimal design and chic displays. 

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