Layering 101

DedCool was created to break the traditional mold of the Fragrance industry – a mold that basically forces YOU to smell like everyone else. We REALLY disagree with that because scent is deeply tied to identity. And we believe that expressing yourself through scent is a really cool (and easy) way to own your individuality.  




LAYERING is applying several different Fragrances together to create a new, unique scent.




We created the DedCool Collection to give you the tools to create your own signature scent - because we believe you should smell uniquely YOU. Scent is dynamic, and can change based on your mood and how you feel. It’s a way to express yourself! We believe that you shouldn’t ever be limited to smelling like everyone else.




  1. Spray the first scent in desired areas. We like to apply it on our neck, wrists, or elbows (but get creative and spray as little or as much as you’d like).
  2. Wait 20-30 seconds before applying your next scent.
  3. Repeat with as many scents as you’d like. We recommend starting with layering two scents together!




Creating your signature scent is one of the coolest ways to embrace your individuality. Whether you’re a Fragrance fanatic or a total newbie – we’re breaking down the basics here for EVERYONE to find their unique combination.


Step One: Build your own Sample Pack or pick one of our curated ones.

Step Two: Dedicate a full day to sampling each scent alone. That’s six days, one scent per day with our Sample Pack. Make note of how they make you feel, your vibe after wearing them for a while or specific scent notes you enjoy. PRO TIP: Bring your sample with you wherever you go to re-apply throughout the day!

Step Three: After trying them all for 6 days - narrow down to your top three favorite scents.

Step Four: Experiment layering your favorite scents with our Milk Layering Fragrance. This basically just makes your scents more soft, more unique, more YOU.

Step Five: Keep playing! Once you get a sense of what you like – you can layer multiple scents alongside layering Fragrances. Or keep it simple… the only rule here is: YOU DO YOU.