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Limited Edition Travel Spray Trio

Choose three scents from our collection of 15mL travel-sized bottles, and they come nestled in a reusable aluminum tin our signature DedCool orange.

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Small Tin
DedCool Holiday Small Tin
A universal musk, amplified
Amber + Bergamot + White Musk
Best seller
Familiar, like warm, clean skin
Amber + Bergamot + White Musk
Best seller
A coming-of-age story
Bergamot + Vanilla + Amber
Best seller
Troublesome, sweet (in that order)
Sandalwood + Juniper
Narcotic, dewy, and dark
Black Violet + Saffron
The last rain of spring
FIG + Black Pepper + Patchouli
We like who you’re becoming
Incense + Moss + Bergamot
Floral and spicy
Black Pepper + Sandalwood + Bergamot
Carina's choice
Unmistakably optimistic
Gardenia + Amber + Bergamot
Best seller
Floral status symbol
Painting a landscape
Rose + GUAIAC WOOD + Musk
Best Selling Sets
Tried and true combinations
Surprisingly Good Dancer
  • 03 Blonde Travel Spray - DedCool
    Fragrance 03 "Blonde"
    Black Violet + Saffron
  • Taunt Travel Spray - DedCool
    Fragrance 01 "Taunt"
    Bergamot + Vanilla + Amber
  • 02 Travel Spray - DedCool
    Fragrance 02
    Sandalwood + Juniper
Always Five Minutes Early
  • Red Dakota Travel Sprays - DedCool
    Red Dakota
    Gardenia + Amber + Bergamot
  • Milk Layering + Enhancer Travel Spray - DedCool
    Amber + Bergamot + White Musk
  • Madonna Lilly Travel Spray - DedCool
    Madonna Lilly
    Black Pepper + Sandalwood + Bergamot
What You Get

Three Travel Sprays of your choice at 20% off their original price in a limited-edition DedCool reusable tin.

Words of Affirmation From Our Favorite Humans.

    Secret's Out
"DedCool's Massage Candles are heaven sent."
"Lathers so nicely! Super nourishing + moisturizing."
"My biggest secret to elevating my room."
"My go-to scent for feeling energized + confident."
Darby P.
"My latest roadtrip game changer!"
Jordan H.
"My signature scent now in my shower routine."
Shania B.
"Smell better than the guy next to you."
"So subtle and sensual for everyday use."
Sabrina T.
"This scent makes me feel so much more confident."
Cam C.