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Mini Dedtergent Trio

Ideal for being on-the-go, the Mini Dedtergent Trio will keep your clothes smelling fresh no matter where you end up. Throw one in your bag for festivals, extended vacations or leave one at your boo’s place (future you will love this). Bundle your trio by choosing your three fave laundry dedtergents and save 20% off their original prices.

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A coming-of-age story
Bergamot + Vanilla + Amber
Best seller
We like who you’re becoming
Incense + Moss + Bergamot
Familiar, like warm, clean skin
Amber + Bergamot + White Musk
Best seller
Unmistakably optimistic
Gardenia + Amber + Bergamot
Best seller
Suggested Sets
Best Sellers
Best Sellers
  • Fragrance 01 "Taunt"
  • Fragrance 05 "Spring"
  • Milk
What You Get

3 Mini Dedtergents of your choice at 20% OFF their original prices.

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All the essentials for boosting your mood and elevating your space, one good smell at a time.

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"DedCool's Massage Candles are heaven sent."
"Lathers so nicely! Super nourishing + moisturizing."
"My biggest secret to elevating my room."
"My go-to scent for feeling energized + confident."
Darby P.
"My latest roadtrip game changer!"
Jordan H.
"My signature scent now in my shower routine."
Shania B.
"Smell better than the guy next to you."
"So subtle and sensual for everyday use."
Sabrina T.
"This scent makes me feel so much more confident."
Cam C.