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DedCool - Education
DedCool - Education


No Water

DedCool compositions don’t include water, which allows our scents to deliver longer wearing power. You can spot a watered down fragrance when aqua/water is listed as one of the main ingredients.

Longer Lasting Scents

Dedcool believes that a morning spritz should be enough. Your scent should last on your skin all day. For extra scent power, another spritz on your clothes should do the trick.

EDP: 30-35% Fragrance / 60-70% Alcohol

Traditional Eau De Parfums have a range of 10-15% fragrance concentrate, Dedcool EDP’s can range from 30-35% on average.

Roll-On: 50% Fragrance / 50% Carrier Oil

Our roll-ons are alcohol free and our carrier oil is a 100% vegetable derived castor seed oil.

Certified Organic Extracts / Alcohol

Traditional fragrances use between 80-90% alcohol, we use less to add more of our signature blend of certified organic extracts (that are good & good for you). Our blend of certified organic extracts are nourishing, soothing, and contain anti-inflammatory properties. Our alcohol is derived from corn based grain for the best fragrance delivery.

No Fragrance Cloud

You know when you walk into an elevator and you’re choked by someone’s Chanel No. 5? That won’t happen with our scents because they blend nicely on the skin. Our fragrances are always rich without ever smelling of that well known and overwhelming “mall” scent.


DedCool - Education


We Use Clean Ingredients

Clean beauty is an essential part of a health oriented lifestyle. Your skin absorbs about 64% of everything you put on it, so make good choices...


Why We Call Ourselves “Clean” and Don’t Claim “100% Natural”

DedCool scents are never composed of ingredients that disrupt your hormones, damage your skin, or harm your body and the environment.

We’re making changes in the traditional fragrance space by choosing to use the term “clean” as opposed to “natural”. The term 100% Natural carries no official weight in the beauty industry (it’s just more complex), that’s why we choose to use clean ingredients, where science is involved & our health standards are met. By not using 100% essential oils it allows us to develop more complex and diverse scent profiles. Using only essential oils can be limiting in the fragrance making process so we choose to incorporate them where we feel necessary

DedCool’s Dirty List:

NO parabens. NO carcinogens. NO paraffins. NO animal byproducts. NO harmful stabilizers. NO harmful preservatives. NO EDTA. NO fillers.



DedCool - Education
DedCool - Education

DedCool - Education


DedCool - Education

Composed, crafted, brewed, filtered, refrigerated, filled, packed, and shipped from our in-house facility. All fragrances are made in small batches to uphold our high quality standards. We control every aspect of the process from conception to fulfillment.


DedCool - Education

Our alcohol, extracts, castor seed oil, and fragrances are all biodegradable. Our fragrance bottles are made from glass and are always recyclable. Our boxes are recyclable and artistically designed to be saved as an extension of your top shelf.